Thursday, May 3, 2012

Top 5 players who should have played for England

Footie Dome takes a look at 5 footballers who we think should have played for England, but instead they were either never given the chance to shine or injuries plagued their careers.  

1. Malcolm Christie (Malcom Neil Christie) 

He played for several non-league clubs (Deeping Rangers & Nuneaton Borough) before making his break into top flight football with Derby County, Middlesbrough, and finally Leeds United. He was deemed to be a pacey forward with the ability to beat defenders when he needed to. He did make his mark on the international stage with the England U21 squad, but would never breakthrough to the senior squad due to several of his long term injuries. His football career came to an end with Leeds United due to a spinal injury. After much advise from his doctors, he called it a day on 29th January 2009. He played 11 games for the U21 side and scoring 3 goals. These days, Christie has retired from football and is now a car salesman for Aston Martin.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Personal Footballers Titles Part-7

To end our little series of Personal Footballers Titles, we take a look at who would earn the title "Skinniest Footballer".

This title wasn't to hard to call, but mind you that there are a number of players out there who could have claimed this title for themselves. There is Dennis Lawrence, Shaun MacDonald, and maybe even Callum Davenport. But the winner of this title is none other then... Peter Crouch of Stoke City! 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Personal Footballers Titles Part-6

Next up, we have the title of "Largest or Heaviest Footballer" ever!

In this modern age and time, when people ask who is the most heaviest footballer, many would say "Fatty" Ronaldo (Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima) is the heaviest. But in fact, he isn't and he isn't the only footballer who is a little overweight. There was Micky Quinn, Michael Keane, Tony Meola, Jeroen Verhoeven, Neil Shipperley and many more.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Personal Footballers Titles Part-5

From the oldest player to the "Youngest Footballer" to have ever signed a professional contract.

So, how old do you think this person is? 16? 14? or how about 12? No... the youngest every player to have signed a professional contract goes to Baerke van der Meij age... 2. Yes, TWO years old. The talented little tot shot to fame when a video of him kicking three balls into his toy box was posted on Youtube by his father Jorg.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Personal Footballers Titles Part-4

Next up, we will crown the footballer who is the oldest and still playing! The title "Oldest Footballer" in the world!

If you for a second think that the winner of this title is in his 40's, you are mistaken. There are many players who played well into their 40's such as Roger Milla (playing till he was 42), Billy Meredith (played till 45) and John Ryan (52 when he played). The previous player to would have taken this title would have been Tércio Mariano de Rezende who played for Goiandira Esporte Clube in Brazil and retired at the age of 87 in 2007.